What RNG or VRF service for randomness in smart contracts should you use?
Ensuring the Security and Reliability of Randomizer's Smart Contract: A Thorough Analysis Performed by Peckshield
Start generating random numbers in your smart contracts on Arbitrum!

January 2023

The full Randomizer VRF stack is now live on the Polygon Mumbai testnet!

December 2022

New smart contract, big changes, independent beacons, paving the way to mainnet!

September 2022

Before launching Randomizer on Ethereum L1 and L2 networks, we're introducing a new innovation to Verifiable Random Numbers: Optimistic VRF.

August 2022

We released our real-time VRF module, open-sourced a game, and launched on Arbitrum Goerli! Also, we are now Randomizer.

June 2022

Power your smart contract with Randomizer's new Random Number Generator, now on zkSync v2 Testnet!